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The corners fit together with almost a complete conformation to strict guidelines of absolute perfection.  There is nothing overlooked. What started out as a neglected 2x4 turned into a corner brace which turned this svelte trailer into a svelte, powerful, and quality trailer.
Rounded, metal, shiny screw-eyes from Canadian Tire accentuate the tapered gate brace.  The sunlight glances off this picture of sculpted beauty. A top-down view reiterates a flawless design carried out by a flawless dexterity long forgotten by many different races of modern man.
Patience, aptitude, time, and angles form this piece of wood dubbed a "runner".  Some say this is genius.  Others say it's absolutely adorable. Locomotion wouldn't be possible with the best line of white walled Canadian Tire tires made in local villages in South East Asia.  Children have purpose sometimes.
When approached with the problem of mounting the red lights, designers thought carefully about nearly 33 distinct and equally attractive designs. The production team took the final plans and assembled the jigsaw cut mounting bracket on the trailer's main frame.  Like a rock -- like the seventh day.
Glistening eyebolts from an Irly Bird Building Supply store lavished with manually crafted stacked wooden washers which add zest to function. One customized wooden washer deserves another.  The design team created one template which was used to create the three washers needed.
The beveled and slanted front wall, like any other part of this pull toy, demands nothing short of perfection. This "runner" was manicured in almost every way.  Shaped, formed, sanded -- all with spirit and love as its driving force.
The deck, enhanced with a reinforced center, needed to be strong enough for two gritty dirt bikes and yet light enough to maneuver manually. Beta-testers greased the wheel bearings and recommended a full year's insurance because the durability was deemed infinity and beyond.
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